I saw your post in response to the writer asking about adapting an idea for a comic. I actually had an interesting experience where I'd started out a novel idea and then decided to adapt it into a screenplay. But in adapting that first chapter, the economy of the screenplay made me change a couple of things that I ended up liking better-and then went and revised the novel. So that was kinda cool. But I never did duplicate the 'hook' that ends the first chapter as well in the screenplay.

I’ve had a similar experience, honestly. I adapted the first arc of Stumptown as a television pilot a couple years back, and in my opinion, the pilot is a better telling of that story. The change in medium forced me to focus the story in a new way, and while I lost elements, I found myself adding other elements that, in my opinion, served the story better.

So yeah, it’s not absolute.

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  1. barefootdramaturg said: There was a Stumptown pilot idea and yet there is not a Stumptown show that I’m watching every week. That is a tragedy.
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