9 AM (Warning - LONG) 

So, at 8:50 this morning I’m sitting in front of my laptop and opening windows in my browser and watching a timer count down in one tab and jumping to another, and checking the draft of a tumblr post here, and making sure that Tweetbot is up and running, and I’m thinking…

…not much, honestly, because I just don’t know what to think. Rick, Eric, and I have been working on Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether for almost two years, now, and in a lot of ways, it’s all coming down to what will happen at 9:01. We’re asking for a fair chunk of change at first blush, $27,500, and even though we’ve accounted for every penny as best as we can, even though that’s our break-even, it’s still TWENTY-SEVEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS.

I mean, if I had that money to throw around, I’d print the damn thing myself, right?

Reward tiers, are we asking too much? Do people want bookplates? Why in the world would anyone pay $100 for Brian Bendis to personalize a book he didn’t write? Who in their right mind would pay $600 to be the Bad Guy in Book Two? Should we even have considered foil-stamping on the cloth case?

And now it’s 9am, and I hit the “launch” button on the Kickstarter page - it even has a little rocket on it, God love ‘em - and…

…it knocks me to a verification page. Not a “You’re launched!” Nope, instead, it’s a page that says, “Are you SURE you want to do this because you CANNOT go back once you do and seriously, have you really thought this through because we know, we know there are folks out there who’ve reached their goal and they just don’t deliver, and if you’re one of those, well, let’s just say it’s on you, buddy, and oh, did you double-check your video, because hate to say it but you’ve got little in the way of hair up top and that light kick off your scalp baldy, that can be distracting, and we just want to be CERTAIN that you’re CERTAIN you want to do this.”

Click click click click panic click click click…

And we’re off to the races.

And at roughly five pm Pacific time, less than 8 hours after we’ve launched (with the little rocket icon!), we’ve funded.

Less. Than. Eight. Hours.


We’re into the stretch goal territory, now, this is Terra Incognita for us. This was pie-in-the-sky territory, and I just spent an hour on the phone with Eric going over all the pricing on each of the stretches we’d considered, half-laughingly, the ‘wouldn’t it be cool if we could’ things.

That first stretch goal? It’s already been met. We’ll be posting about it tomorrow.

The second one? It’s out of reach right now, but it’s bloody well in sight, I mean… we could actually DO it….

It’s 10:30 my time, now, and I’m exhausted. Emotionally, physically exhausted. One of my best friends in the world is celebrating his birthday today, and I’m going to call him in a couple of minutes, because it’s the first chance I’ve had to pick up the phone today. I’m going to wish him every joy for this year, and I’m going to laugh and celebrate with him from a distance.

And I’m going to think about how quickly things can change, and how wonderful people can be, and how absolutely, utterly fortunate I am to live the life I have, to share these stories with so many people. I’m going to be very, very grateful for a life that allows me to spin tales that people actually will spend their hard-earned cash to read. Grateful for the incredibly talented men and women I continue to collaborate with. Grateful for peers and fans and strangers who have supported me, and Rick, and Eric, and others I know and love.

It’s been one hell of a day.

Thank you for making it so.

Here’s a link to the Lady Sabre Kickstarter. But I suspect most of you have already been there.

Hold fast.

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